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08 August, 2006

Big Bear Day 1 - The Ascent

Big Bear Day 1 - The Ascent

It is Monday morning and the car is packed. Erin and I are heading for Big Bear. This makes year 3 of our get away to 7000+ feet. We've got water, music, 2 computers and 2 bikes. 

Mile 1.5 - First stop - Henry's Market for some ice cream, pasta salad, fruit and water. 

Mile 1.7 - Second stop - Sav-On for ice and sunglasses. Can't go to the mountains without sun glasses.

Mile 70 - We stop for fuel and then head up toward 330. As luck would have it, 330 is closed for some reason. The weather is nice. It isn't raining, snowing or huricaning (if that is a word). We spend the next hour searching for an alternative route up. The whole way, the Garmin GPS is telling us "in 300 yards, make a U-turn".  

We finally find a way up and the Garmin appears happy. That is until we get half way up the mountain and it suggests we make a left down some trail. I'm sure there is a way to get over the mountain via a fire road, but I don't think the van will like the ride. We decide to put up with another 10 minutes of "in 300 yards, make a U-turn".

Mile 90 - we arrive in Big Bear and easily find the cabin. We get out of the car, open up the cabin and Erin immediately turns on the air hockey game.  No un packing until we do at least one round of air hockey.

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