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01 November, 2007

The Leopard Approaches

Leopard is up and running on my MacBook Pro. I have to say this was the most difficult upgrade I have ever undertaken. Now, I'm not quite sure it is all Leopard's fault. I have had Leopard running on a machine in this place for a few months and that system is running fine with nary a problem.

But installing Leopard on top of this virgin Tiger was not a walk in the park. I've been hit with a host of strange problems. Issues I never saw on the earlier Leopard builds that I've fought (and am still fighting):
  • Hard Drives (or their icons) not showing up on the desktop or in the Finder yet the files and applications are still happily working away.
  • Admin users having all the abilities of a lowely Standard user
  • The dreaded (and usually quite rare) grey screens of death making more appearances in three days then I've seen in a whole year on 3 machines combined.
  • Parrallels refusing to start and wanting a re-install
  • Screen savers requiring an admin password instead of the credentials of the user that kicked off the screen saver in the first place.
  • And last but not least my laptop battery lasting only 90 minutes when it used to last 3 hr+
I'm not ready to go back to Tiger. I'll stick it out and you Dear Reader can ride along as I find the fixes, fight the gremlins and tame this Tiger.

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