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11 December, 2007

Iron Butt 1000 Mile Ride for Charity

A friend of mine is about to embark on a 1000 mile ride across the U.K. Don't ask me from where he is starting or to where he is going, just know that he is riding a motorcycle 1000 miles in 24 hours and all for a very good cause. By earning the immortal title of Iron Butt he is raising money for the fine folks at St. Michaels Hospice in Hastings. The people here are dedicated to helping those who are critically ill, making them and their families as comfortable as possible.

The ride will be amazing as riding 1000 miles across the U.K. in December is pretty impressive. I remember going to a Motorcycle Club meeting at my local pub in some distant pre-iPhone November. This was my first motorcycle club meeting so I was looking forward to talking with members about their rides and actually seeing their fine machines. When I got to the pub, I saw a bunch of people in leathers all decked out to ride, but nary a bike was around. So, I asked the first person I came across.

"Where is your motorcycle?"

The motorcylce mama replied "Oh, we don't take our bikes out after Guy Fawkes Day. Too much ice on the ground and all."

So, Kevin taking a ride across (or through?) the U.K. while a whole Motorcycle Club won't even consider riding at this time of year, is pretty impressive.

Then there is the 1000 miles in 24 hours. First off, I didn't know there was a thousand miles of the U.K. you could ride around. Then there is the fact that he aims to do this in just 24 hours. If you take into account the Fish and Chips stops and the occasional dash to the local Tesco for Greta's Pickled Curry (it helps warm the heart and other parts during a ride) then 24 hours is simply not enough time!

Impressed yet? If so, head on over to Kevin's web page and consider contributing to the cause.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent story there S9. Really enjoyed the reference to pre-iPhone days.