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24 February, 2010

Hampton Suites sends me a survey!!! Oh what fun.

Oh, they shouldn't have! I and the significant other spent the night at Hampton Suites in some
wine country.
Now, the place is fine. Reasonable cost for a decent room. Nothing spectacular, just comfortable bed in a nice room with internet and a tele with nothing on. The staff was helpful on check in and out. The room was quite and the temp was fine. As a bonus, breakfast was included. So, how can I say anything was bad? Well.... one word. Carpet!!!!

So, to the question:
What, if anything, could we have done to make your stay more satisfactory?

The room would have been o.k. if it wasn't for that carpet. To say disgusting would be an understatement. Yet, it is all relative. I presume there are worse floors. Like the toilet floor of a Greyhound bus traveling on gravel roads between downtown Los Angeles and Hayward while being chased by a possessed tornado during the sweltering temps of August. Surely, the Hampton room was not that bad. Then again, I don't travel via Greyhound so the comparison is probably nonsensical.

Suffice it to say that room 204 has the worst carpet in hotel accommodations I've stepped on in over 10 years. And that includes hotels in third world countries besides the U.S. ... oh wait. There was that hotel outside of Edinburgh many summers ago. The carpet was fine but the smell of the place was horrendous. But that was over 8 years ago and not carpet related. Thus, I hereby bestow upon Hampton the award for the most disgusting carpet in hotel accommodations of 2010. Damn, I should have taken a photo! Congrats Hampton! In that wine country!

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