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28 August, 2009

Where's my Snow Leopard?

I pre-ordered Snow Leopard from Amazon. Got a good deal here. Only $25 for one machine and $44 for 5-user license.

But, it hasn't come! In fact it hasn't shipped (28 Aug 09) today! Weep! Weep! Amazon says "Shipping Soon" and it won't let me cancel the order. This might be the first time I have not had the latest OS X release as soon as it appeared. I'm not sure this was worth saving the cost of a Starbucks Latte. Especially given the fact I'm lactose challenged. What made me pre-order instead of just heading down to the nearest Apple Store on release day? I have no idea except that I wanted to support Laugh 2 Life since it is owned by the person sitting behind me. LOL!

On the positive side, I might as well clone my hard drive n preparation for the SL's arrival.I use SuperDuper by Shirt Pocket for these types of jobs. Yes, I could use Time Machine. My Macs are all using Time Machine, I just like the idea of having a clone. That way I can easily boot off of that drive in case of an emergency.

SuperDuper is an excellent backup utility that easily creates a clone of your hard drive on another drive you have laying around. I use it for all of the computers we have around here whenever I perform a major upgrade. Yes Marsha, Snow Leopard is a major release. There isn't much in the way of new features but the underlying pinnings will allow some amazing future feature and performance gains. SL is more for future proofing OS X then putting more eye candy on your desktop. And I want the future today, not Shipping Soon!

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